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"All of his life he tried to be a good person. many times, however he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog."
-Charles M. SchulzCounter June


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Sigma Pi Event Collage

AHDRO and Sigma Pi Fraternize at OSU

Anyone lucky enough to be the family, friend, advocate, or mere acquaintance of a rescue dog knows that the rescue's spirit and capacity for love are indomitable. It is this enduring - and distinctly canine - zest for life that makes animal rescue the profoundly connecting and invigorating vehicle that it is for all parties involved. This spring, members of the AHDRO family gathered on the Ohio State University campus for a day that captured the full power of rescue. The event marked the second time that AHDRO was hosted by the gracious undergraduates of Sigma Pi, who planned another successful and heartwarming afternoon of fun, frolicking, fundraising and fraternity - with lasting impacts.

The concept behind the day was simple yet creative: past and present AHDRO rescue dogs would gather with their forever/foster families on the campus' central quad to be joined by passing students looking to unwind and make some new friends. Sigma Pi set up a shady tent complete with an inviting banner and treats and spread word of the dogs' presence among the student community, while AHDRO brought Frisbees for the students to play with and keep as mementos. The prospect of spending a relaxing and sunny afternoon in the company of friendly dogs is appealing anytime of year, but it was even more welcomed by students on this particular April day. As Sigma Pi's then-president Rob Balsinger explained, "The day coincided perfectly with mental health awareness week and finals, so it ended up being a great stress-reliever during one of the more traditionally demanding weeks of the year." 

In this way, the day was a testament to emotional fortitude and reciprocity; the students and animals each drew needed strength from the other. Through the dogs, students found relief from both the rigors of higher education and the heartache of missing their pets back home. Through the students, the once-abandoned dogs were reminded of all the good that exists in this world. It was especially wonderful to see AHDRO's adoptable dogs transition from society's unwanted to community servants - proof that a dog's life is forever valuable and that the human/animal bond is one of mutual healing. 

It addition to promoting catharsis and togetherness, this social event served to educate tomorrow's leaders about the need for animal rescue efforts. If they were so compelled, students could donate to AHDRO via the phone application "Venmo", an ingenious arrangement that Sigma Pi facilitated. Through this medium, five hundred dollars was raised for animal rescue! AHDRO even gained a new student volunteer who continues to spread rescue's message of compassion and second chances. It was truly a beautiful day for everyone involved, and AHDRO sends their sincerest thanks to both the charitable members of Sigma Pi and the generous students of Ohio State University. Everyone is looking forward to next year's gathering, which is now an official annual event thanks to Balsinger and his fraternity brothers. Wishing well to all the students, animals, volunteers, and dog families until they join forces again!  


Don't forget to mark your calendars for Pars Fore Pets - Aug 22!